I Teach Robotics

General Classroom Rules

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Because of the unique nature and set-up of our classroom, there are some general rules that have to be observed.

  • You Must attend school / class everyday.
  • You Must be on time to class everyday.
  • You Must be prepared with a Pen or a Pencil
  • No Jackets or Coats in the classroom, they belong in your locker.
  • No water, juice or food at any time in my classroom
  • Do not connect or disconnect anything to / or from the computer without the teachers' permission
  • Cell Phones will not be allowed to disrupt the instructional process of the classroom.
    • If you have chosen to bring an electronic device to school and have tried to use it in the classroom, without the permission of the teacher,, the following consequences will result.Lead by example
      • First Infraction, Detention
      • Second Infraction, Double Detention
  • Inappropriate Language is NEVER tolerated at any time
  • Respect Others - verbal abuse, teasing or bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Respect Property - You are responsible for the equipment and supplies you will be using in the classroom.