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There is no greater need for a parent to feel that their child is learning in an environment that supports educational vigor, standard values and technological relevance. Now that learning has extended beyond our classroom walls, we need to make every effort to provide students with the resources necessary to support learning any time / any place.

Instructional Setting & Condition
It's important to note that this website has been developed with a secondary developmental level in mind. This website supports the Engineering Technology classes that I teach in the West Islip High School.

There are many resources that I drew from to create this website. I do not claim copyright to any materials that I have linked to or resources I have provided. All the materials that I have used or generated for this website are free to be used, for non-commercial purposes, by any educator, school district, non-profit organization or parent. The resources that I have included in the unit are public domain or education use friendly. If you are to use them in a wider arena than your classroom, or home, it is up to you to check specific copyright limitations on some of the materials.

Having taught for many years, I can tell you that teachers rarely finish the development of a topic. Especially with a topic that is technology based, continual tweaking of the material happens often. The only thing that I ask is that if you have suggestions on how I might enhance what I have put together, please email me at r.weber@wi.k12.ny.us

Ron Weber